Subsurface Analysis & Evaluation

Tailored Petrophysical Solutions

Incremental service to DataCo’s log clean up service, performed by experienced Petrophysicists.

Modular approach with a choice of 3 service levels:


PP Module 1 - Petrophysical QC of standard log data

  • Petrophysical QC of standard log data, verify correct tool readings, identify outliers

  • Apply environmental corrections and QC Wireline / LWD formation pressures


PP Module 2 - Standard Petrophysical Interpretation

  • Review existing petrophysical models, apply consistent workflows across the field

  • Create interpreted curves with client model/parameters for porosity & saturation

  • Apply uncertainty analysis and review to determine error margin in curves


PP Module 3 - Single or Multi-well/Integrated Petrophysical Studies

  • Incorporate all available field information including core, static and dynamic data

  • Formation pressure test analysis, permeability and saturation vs. height modelling

  • Applicable to sandstone and carbonate reservoirs, including rock physics support

  • Uncertainty and value of information analysis