Subsurface Analysis & Evaluation

Integrated Petrophysical Studies

Integrated Petrophysical Studies

  • Standalone petrophysical studies

  • Saturation and permeability modelling

  • Petrophysical input to static and dynamic models

  • Uncertainty and data gap analysis

  • Integrated development studies support

Provided saturation-height and permeability input to many static and dynamic reservoir modelling studies. The experience obtained in several oil and gas fields allowed the formulation of techniques that can be applied consistently to different field studies. A robust assessment of the distribution of fluid saturation and permeability in the static and dynamic models is a key step to achieve an informed understanding of the hydrocarbon resources available in the field. See also SPWLA paper 2008_CCC ‘Saturation vs. Height Modelling in North Sea Clastic Reservoirs’.